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"Srebarno kopitce" Kindergarten No.178,

Kindergarten “Srebarno kopitce” No.178 is located in the capital of Bulgaria, the town of Sofia. There are more than 340 children, age 3 to 7 years old in our kindergarten. One group has more than 30 kids. There are 23 teachers, a director, a music teacher and a speech therapist, also a psychologist. Another 28 support staff care for the comfort of children.

The educational policy of a Kindergarten is respect for the rights of the child, quality of education, teamwork, complete care for children with special educational needs, humanity, qualification of teachers, prevention of aggression.
The mission of Kindergarten “Srebarno kopitce” 178 is to support each child and to create a favourable environment for the positive development of children. Also, we do our best to create a nice place where children feel happy, protected, understood and supported.
We do everything possible to open and develop the talents of children, so they can grow confident and happy. We teach children tolerance and charity from an early age.
Additional educational services: English, Swimming, Applied arts, Football, Rhythmic gymnastics, Ballet, Yoga, Folklore dance.
In our school, pupils can experience direct contact with nature and with animals. Through the discovery of the surrounding rural environment, we promote learning via different knowledge on motor, mental, linguistic, relational, cultural and ecologic levels. We are sensitive to environmental issues and sustainable development: 'Tree Day', 'Recycling Competitions', 'Vegetable Garden' are popular activities and events at our school.

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