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Goals & Objectives 


  • Encourage teachers to acquire knowledge and skills to conduct educational activities in nature/outdoors.

  • Encourage teachers' willingness to pursue professional development through alternative approaches to learning about/in nature.

  • Raise children's ecological awareness.

  • Develop children's skills by free-play, discovery and exploring nature.

  • Improve children's physical and emotional wellbeing.


  • International staff training, providing participants with competencies for effective implementation of project activities.

  • Acquaint children with different elements of nature and their interaction.

  • Introduce the importance of bees and other living organisms for natural cycles and allow children themselves to observe those cycles up close.

  • In cooperation with partners, compile a methodological set based on the successfully used methods related to nature cognition, research and education of children in nature.

Latvian and Lithuanian teachers during a "Nature scavanger hunt" activity in Buzau, Romania
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