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Professional development

Training events and job-shadowing provide teachers with inspirational ideas, motivation, practical and relevant skills, required for implementing a nature-based curriculum.

Teachers analyze how to use nature as a learning environment while developing their skills in storytelling, drama, art and math on different themes such as Trees, Plants, Animals, Forest and 4 elements of Nature.

Teaching staff improve their ICT, English and communication skills by working online platforms and attending mobilities.


Knowledge sharing

Teachers reflect on their experiences with colleagues, parents and international partners.

The school community is more conscious of the benefits of children’s connection to Nature and Outdoor learning.

Partner schools motivate other schools to join international projects in their local areas.

By participating in an international project, schools and local communities feel part of the European Community.


Improved children's overall health and wellbeing

Being outdoors benefits children health, raise their ecological awareness, reduce stress levels, increase motivation, boost their attitudes about the environment, enhance language and communication skills, develop outdoor skills and increase self-reliance.

Nature-based project activities nurture children's mental, academic and emotional development.

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