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“Volungėlė” Kindergarten,


Kindergarten "Volungėlė” is located in the southern part of Lithuania in the city of Alytus. 203 children attend kindergarten, aged 1 to 6 years old. There are 10 groups and 23 teachers. Special attention is paid to ethnic culture, a celebration of traditional festivals and crafts. Our ethnographic museum includes typical items and objects from the nineteenth-twentieth Century.

We love playing, cooking, painting, crafting and singing in our activity corners. We are happy to explore and be active outside: we go on field trips, enjoy sports and take good care of our garden and parrots. In the winter we play outside and in spring we make our hands dirty and plant the seeds in the ground to harvest.

We are great at recycling and at re-using products.

Kindergarten is involved in the gardening initiative "Green feet", which unites Lithuanian educational institutions of ecological education. We have a garden, where we cultivate different plants, i.e. herbs, potherbs, herbs, landscape plants, and vegetables. Every year, we grow rye from which we learned how to make traditional bread. Furthermore, we have a small orchard garden and, each year, we plant trees in our territory - rowans, maples, pines. Saplings are observed and compared with large trees, researches are carried out.

We organize various gardening initiatives to promote family time in their gardens. Up to now, we have taken part in the Baltic Sea project, which included nature observations and studies for signs of spring. Also, we completed our 1st KA2 project titled “ Eco farm Kindergartens” in which teachers and children were guided to conduct farming activities such as growing food and catering to animals. Outdoor activities were also promoted to enhance children's creative, independent and cooperative skills.

Our children are lucky to observe the cycle of life first-hand.

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