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"Sunny Bunny" Preschool Educational Institution No.13,

We are located in a rather big, provincial town Daugavpils in Latvia. Our pre-primary school was opened on September 1, 2009. There are more than 100 children attending the school - they are 1.5-7 years old and 28 people staff, including 12 teachers.
Latgale is a region of Latvia with the highest level of unemployment and, therefore, the lowest standard of living among the other regions of Latvia. We teach children from families of different social statuses, including children from families whose mother tongue is not Latvian.

The kindergarten is located in a place where pupils can observe how seasons are changing during the year, they find differences among seasons, discuss, paint pictures, play traditional games, celebrate seasons holidays, sing songs, dance traditional Latvian dances and do drama activities. Our preschool programs are orientated in traditions and celebrations of the seasons.

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