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Menekse Ahmet Yalçınkaya Kindergarten,


Our school serves as a kindergarten. There is 1 School Principal, 4 Pre-School Teachers, 1 Psychological Counselor and Guidance Teacher, 1 employee in our school. In our pre-school classes, 55 students benefit from our education service.

Our school building consists of a floor and a basement on the ground floor. There is a pre-school classroom, an administrator's room, a psychological counsellor and guidance service, a game room, a drama room, a dining hall, a kitchen and a warehouse. the curriculum consist of Turkish language activities, games, music, drama, science and nature, chess literacy activities, values ​​education, language and support education. In addition to these activities, supporting mental processes such as perception, sensitivity, openness to innovation, flexibility, comprehension ability, rationality, development of thinking, critical thinking, analyzing and questioning skills, various project studies, social-cultural and sportive activities, field trips, family participation. etc. works are being done.
Some of our projects are:

- My Special Friend, This Workshop is for You;

- Little Ahis Learn Their Values;

- Autism: A Different View of the World;

- My Story, My History, My Culture, My Heritage;

- The World Is Growing, Dreams Come True;

- Tomorrow, Do Good, Find Good;

- Body Meets with Music: Creative Drama and Fairy Tale Narrative;

- I Learn Through Play;

- 9 Types of Temperament Models: Speech and Language Therapy in Special Education;

- Identification and Education of Gifted Students in Preschool and Primary School;

- Nonviolent School Climate;

- Kids In Nature.

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