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Kids Learn with Nature! 

Connecting pre-school education and outdoors learning.

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Happy and Healthy Children!

Nature-based activities nurture children's mental, academic and emotional development.


Our themes


A Path to Nature

Children are introduced to 4 Elements in Nature: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water - by using various tools and all senses for exploration. 


Gardening For Bee-friendly Gardens

Children learn about bees and their role in natural cycles. Gardening is explored as an educational activity, as well as horticultural therapy.


Garden To Table

Helping kids discover a love for fresh food by growing vegetables and fruits in the school gardens.


Trees, Plants and Edible Wilds

Uncovering the life cycle of natural wilds through games, role play, and guided observations.


Animals In Natural Cycles

Helping Kids to connect with Animals. Animals' food and water supplies, life cycles, breeding habits are introduced to children to inspire them to become habitat stewards. 


Sustainable Nature Education at Kindergartens

Experiences, findings and methods from the 5 project themes are concise into the 3 digital publications and a Continuity Plan for nature education at the kindergartens.

Kids in Nature = Happy Kids

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